New Expos

A couple of new expos coming up.

Firstly at the Cant’Auch from the 27th November

This is the first expo with images from the recent CiRCa festival.

Then in January at the recently re-named « Mur d’Expression Artistique » at the BIJ/Cyber-base

This is basically a re-run of my ‘Gers Landscapes’ expo first hung in 2015 – we need something on the wall, so why not my work!


The Cal 2018

The Pirelli Calendar, now in it’s 45th year, has been unveiled, and it’s British photographer Tim Walker who has been chosen to create this years ‘happening’.

The calendar is known as « The Cal » (it’s even a registered trade mark!) and this years offering is « Alice in Wonderland » – but with a twist – all the models are black.

Here’s RuPaul as the Queen of Hearts

Slick Woods as the Mad Hatter

So many names, ,known and becoming known – brilliant idea, and beautifully photographed – of course! Visit the website – it’s worth the trip…

Bordeaux S.O Good

We went to Bordeaux to spend the day with my daughter – and ended up doing a workshop with a superb chef, and learning how to prepare foie gras!

It all started with our arrival in Bordeaux – « There might be something interesting to see ‘au Quays’ (the old docks) if you’re interested » so we got on the tram and set out for Hangar 14 where the « Bordeaux S.O Good » food festival was underway – right up my street! There were stands everywhere and people encouraging you to taste (and buy) ham, foie gras, cheese, bread, wine – everything grown/produced in the South-West and as Bio as it comes!

We hunted around and found some decent ham, chorizo and cheese (oh, and a beer!) to start our day…

These we found from the stands on the ground floor – and when we had finished, Jemma suggested visiting the first floor….

When we arrived, it turned out she had booked us in for a workshop with Nicolas NGUYEN VAN HAI – an up and coming (soon to be Michelin starred?) chef who is chef at the Chapon Fin restaurant in central Bordeaux.

We spent an hour with him where he explained all we needed to know to prepare a foie gras with a delicious licorice sauce – there were 9 of us, and he had time to individually explain everything to each of us – a real pro.

Obviously, when we had prepared the food, he showed us how to dress the plates, and we all sat down with him and ate our creations!

Well yes, ok, so my plate looks a little weird, but it tasted excellent!

Top marks Jemma!

We left and made our way to the Palais de la Bourse where (again, unknown to us) we were signed up for a wine tasting with a viticultrice (a lady!) who explained how red and white wines combine with food – this was a practical experience, and we tested both red and white wines, and four different chocolates! (Black, milk, white and caramel) Very interesting and I’ve finally learned something about wine!!

As we were leaving the Palais, we noticed a very good photo exhibit – all the images had been made with food!

Great day – topped of with nice nosh at MADAME PANG – well worth a visit also (we’ll be going back, I feel sure…)

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday!

Le Corps Sage

Bunked off games yesterday and went to CiRCa where the Company Corps Sage were in residence, preparing their next spectacle « Mur / Mur ».

The current ‘trend’ in contemporary circus seems to be dark clothes, black backgrounds and virtually no lighting. Add to this periods of rapid movement – wonderful conditions for a photographer…

Luckily I have a bit of experience (and cameras that have super-sensitive sensors!) with these conditions, so I was able to justify my time with them – can’t for the life understand the ‘theme’ (if there ever was one) and reading the press documents just makes it worse…nice people though.

Mur / Mur
Mur / Mur
Mur / Mur
Mur / Mur




It’s autumn (well it has been for a while actually) and so here’s an ‘autumnal’ image…

Sometimes it’s amazing what you can find a few feet from your own front door… just have to open your eyes.

Now Everyone’s a Photographer – chapter 21

This has to end! Our ‘favourite’ wannabe photographer has just published this – I can’t take it any more, so after this I will not be wasting any more time on this idiot.

Frankly I’m surprised he didn’t just put up a message « Hi, I’ve no discernable talent, but photography seems easy, so is there anybody out there who will pay me to do what I have no idea how to? »

Give me a break

Postscript: I’ve been trying to figure out why this situation bothers me so much – I mean, I’m not in any way jealous of this idiot (look at his so called ‘work’ and decide for yourself) I think the thing that bugs me the most is this « I want to do something that I have no training and (visibly) no potential for, so help me. » like it’s an obligation for people to leap in and shower him with help and advice.

Photography, like many many things, can be self taught, or at least the learning curve can be more or less steep depending on the advice you take/search for/read, but it’s essentially something that has to have a certain innate understanding of light, composition etc. Yes, of course you can learn this things, but understanding basic principles helps too…you can’t just rely  on people saying « oh that’s nice » to make you a photographer.

I’ve seen a number of people start showing their photographic work, and over a period of time, the improvements are manifest (the people are ‘learning’) and their work evolves – I can only hope this will eventually dawn on this person to get up of his arse and do something himself. I would like to be proved wrong, but sadly I don’t think this is ever going to happen.

Now Everyone’s a Photographer – chapter 20

Our famous Facebook friend is at it again – this time bemoaning the fact that, well, he just doesn’t seem to be very visible…

I personally can’t help think this is probably down to the fact that he’s A: not very good, or B: that he has no actual content to show off, or C: the content he has to show off is really not interesting to anyone.

I guess he could be just someone who needs everybody else to do everything for him…

I think he should go back to the ukulele lessons…

Festival CiRCa – it’s all over now…

All good things come to an end….and this weekend, the thirtieth CiRCa Festival finished it’s 10 days of madness! 120 performances, 240 artists, probably in excess of 30,000 visitors – it was good.

One of my last performances were an English group called ‘Pirates of the Carabina’ with « Flown »

This was really very good – non-stop action, with a few slow bits (even so…) – the lamp in the picture above was hauled all over the place, with somebody hanging on for dear life!

The last performance I saw was my friends from the ‘Compagnie du Poivre Rose’ with « Mémoire(s) »

I have already photographed this troupe during their residence here in Auch only a month ago, and so it was interesting for me to see the ‘finished product’ as it were.

All in all I found the festival better than last year – by which I mean better photographically. This said, I am becoming increasingly frustrated in that with an audience it’s obviously impossible for me to be mobile and move around, so some angles are impossible to achieve.

There’s a noticeable difference between the tension perceived (from the artists) when they are performing in front of an audience or just two or three people during a dress rehearsal. This tension can really influence the quality of the images – in that the artists push themselves that extra little bit when there is an audience present, and this often manifests itself in the images.

I’m in two minds about continuing with my ‘coverage’ of the festival – I’m much more at ease when I have the liberty to move around while the artists are performing – and this shows in the images I produce. I’ve been doing this for 5 years now so I think I might have a pause next year – we’ll see.

Now Everyone’s a Photographer – chapter 19

Well it’s easy isn’t it – you press on the button, take a photo and bamm! You’re a photographer.

Doesn’t matter what you take a photograph of – proof of this is the famous ‘Beckham’ photo book. Apparently one of the Beckham brood, named Brooklyn (but why not Clapham or Willesden?) decided he was a photographer one day, and that he was SO good he’d produce a book.

He must have been REALLY good because, to date, the book that has been out a few months has sold 3890 copies (probably to his groupie friends). Wow! He must be so talented…

This is Beckham – you can see he’s good because he’s holding a camera…or did I mean sucking a Chupa Chups, or wearing a Ford t-shirt? Oh, and I forgot to mention, he’s 10, or 15 or something like that. One memorable photograph was of an elephant – or rather it wasn’t – by the time the photo was taken the elephant had got bored and moved off – the caption read something like « it had to be seen to be believed » – bit like his ‘talent’…

Anyway, this is becoming more and more the ‘norm’ – everywhere you look people are declaring « Now I’m a photographer » despite the fact that they have no discernable talent – minor problem really. Be like the film critic in the Monty Python sketch – just shout louder in public.

I laughed the other day when one of these ‘photographers’ (Pro you know, not just an ordinary photographer) decided to announce on Facebook  – after being a ‘pro’ for about three days – that from now on, all his previously ‘free’ work would now be ‘paid’ work. All this without ever actually bothering to show what he is capable of, in terms of ‘paid’ work.

Oh I forgot, he did put up a message asking people to give him ideas for what he could take photographs of…a real pro!

UPDATE : This just gets better – today our ‘Pro’ photographer posted this on Facebook

I rather get the impression that everyone else has to do his work for him…


This is a recent photo of one of the worlds most influential people (Apparently)

He, sorry, she is trying to decide which bottle is green.

Reports suggest that this person has an IQ in double digits, is married to the worlds happiest man, and is in the process of buying new children.

Oh how the other half live…