Finally some MIST

Lasséran (Gers) Nikon Z9 + 24-70 f/2.8

Sadly not taken with the 14-24, this shot ‘needed’ the 24-70 but I’m hapy with the result – going up much closer just to benefit from the wider angle would have ruined the perspective.

This group of majestic trees is not far from home, and just calls out to be photographed – something I have done with monotonous regularity 🙂

The field slopes down from the road, and there’s a 70 or 80 metre walk before you get low enough for the trees to have a bit of sky behind them. As the sun comes up (this was actually at sunrise, but the thick mist managed to mask that extremely well) it hovers over the upper third of the tree tops and is well worth the wait.

This is what it actually looked like that morning.