Bye bye AF-S

NIKON introduced their first Z series mirrorless cameras in 2018. I leapt on this particular bandwagon as it finally gave me a tool to use in situations where total silence was extremely important, and DSLR cameras simply couldn’t respond.

Initially it was fairly straightforward to use the Nikon FTZ (F to Z) lens adapter and I had access to my existing stable of AF-S lenses to use on the new cameras. But over the years since the invention of the ‘Z’ mount, NIKON have updated and improved pretty much all the lenses I’ll ever be interested in, so I gradually upgraded to the ‘S’ series lenses until I finally ended up with two of everything.

I managed to unload a first batch of ‘older’ lenses, with the D850, to my Nikon dealer in Toulouse, which pretty much covered the cost of the Z9.

The last day of October 2022 is of note as I drove to Bordeaux and unloaded my 6 remaining AF-S lenses and am now almost exclusively ‘S’. Financially selling material to a shop is less beneficial than selling privately, but I also had to consider the time (and possible problems selling on Internet) and frankly after sometimes more than 10 years faithful service I feel I got back what these were worth. A certain number I don’t even use, as modern zoom lenses cover the focal lengths and are perfectly capable and sharp.

Someone else will now be able to own these lenses and hopefully have as much fun as I did using them. In exchange I picked up the new 105mm f/2.8 MC S and the 24-120 f/4 S which is (thankfully) streets ahead of it’s AF-S sibling – a wonderful range, but the older version just wasn’t up to scratch even though I used it a lot.

All that is wanting now is the 14-24 f/2.8 S which I hopefully be able to get my hands on later in the month. Interestingly the 14-30 f/4 S, which I already own, is a superb little beast and is a perfect ‘travel’ lens as it collapses and even takes filters! (Well actually so does it’s larger brother – but they’re 112mm and VERY pricey!)

I’ve kept my trusty D3s and a small number of ‘special’ lenses which are all in F mount – my 11mm IRIS, the 9mm and 16mm fisheyes etc. etc. so my FTZ won’t be retired yet, but it is nice to think that the current equipment is all very recent, and if it stands up to the wear and tear as the previous stuff did, this will last me out easily!