2019 Wish List

I like to have a project in hand, something to plan, something to look forward to, and for my 2019 Wish List there’s actually only one item (Well, two, but they’re linked)

This is the new ‘Mirroless’ offering from Nikon – there are in fact two, the Z6 and the Z7 – I’m interested in the Z6 which is the cheaper of the two models. But more importantly for me, it has LESS mégapixels which means….better low-light sensitivity. (The other thing in the photo is just an adaptor to use existing Nikkor lenses with this camera which has a new lens mount)

So why is this so important, and why am I trying to get people interested in a Christmas/Birthday/Christmas present idea?

Well it’s down to the kind of photography I do – a lot of it involving extreme situations – both with a total lack of noise, but also very little light. This camera would solve one of the huge problems I have when I’m photographing live performances – the noise of the shutter mechanism.

As these new cameras have no mirror, there’s a whole lot of internal  mechanism which simply doesn’t exist anymore, therefore reducing the actual noise of the camera – in addition, there is an supplementary electronic shutter, designed to be used in low-noise situations, which would be a huge help to me.

I’m now trying to ‘unload’ two of my existing camera bodies, and with a bit of luck, and some serious begging, sometime in early 2019 I should have enough cash…