Can it actually get any worse?

kkOf course, the subject of this rant is the one and only Kim Kardashian – she’s the one standing in the way of a nice shot of a white Range Rover in this recent picture.

Don’t be mistaken, the ‘strings’ on her legs are designed to expand as she tries to put on under-sized jeans… this strange person is supposed to be a style icon, and I suppose for her grumpy husband she’s the bees knees, but for the rest of the world she’s the only person who can make Balmain or Gucci look like a dustbin liner.

She’s made millions, principally due to a ‘sex’ tape from several years ago, but I’m not clear what she’s supposed to do – you know, like how useful is she? Is she worth copying? Should we model our lives around her ideas/lifestyle/enormous bottom?

My other favourite, Justin Case, sorry, Blieber trys to sing, so I suppose, to some extent, this ‘justifies’ his worth, but this totally disproportioned ‘person’ does nothing aside from taking pictures of herself pouting. Give her credit though, she actually managed to sell a few copies of a book of her ‘pouts’ – so who’s crazy now?