Well it seems it actually can…

At the moment we have planes mysteriously dropping out of the skies, hairy f**kwits in Syria killing people by throwing them into vats of nitric acid and what are people most keen on reading about? Kim and/or Kylie f**king Kardashian and who’s got the most deformed arse, lips, both.

Frankly we deserve this rubbish – I mean seriously, we simply cannot be interested in this, can we? Rhetorical question – as yes, a staggering number of people actually seem to be interested, but I can’t quite understand why.

K2 (Which actually started life as the name for a mountain – go figure…) is billed as a ‘star’, and an ‘International’ one too. Why? Possibly because the has quite a number of planets orbiting around her…I can’t think of any other reason. I mean, she isn’t really useful either – what does she do? Aside from take pictures of her blown-up lips, not much. I suppose you could use her to park your bike if she was kneeling down…but even so I’m not really sure I’d want to.

It’s all very frustrating….