Festival CiRCa – Wednesday

Only two performances this evening (It should have been three but I gave up in the end...)

First up was a duo of Australian artists called ACROBAT – Jo and Simon formed the group over twenty years ago and have been touring ever since, often in Europe. The performance started well but I can’t personally come to terms with the fairly explicit mud-wrestling scene at the end…takes all sorts, and as the title suggests « It’s Not For Everyone »

Next up was a new creation from Raphaëlle Boitel and the Cie L’Oublié(e) – this was more pure circus, with five artists on stage who are all ex students of one of the best known French circus schools, Académie Fratellini in Paris.

The five were very dynamic and versatile and the spectacle flowed very well, aside from perhaps a slightly long tableaux featuring a girl suspended by cords being dragged all over the place. One interesting feature – they managed to make an amusing tableau using the magnesium ‘chalk’ the artists put on their hands to absorb moisture (You can see the dust on the image above) – quite clever.