Festival CiRCa – the week goes on…

And it’s been an interesting few days.

Sunday was the day everybody (in Auch) was waiting for – Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga was going to tightrope walk across the Gers (river) and arrive next to the cathedral – and she did, smiling all the way!!

Monday was « Esquif » which also featured Tatiana and two other circus companies – this was very exciting and well worth the 1h40 – the time passed really quickly and the performance was excellent.

In this image there are 14 musicians on a wooden board, all playing their hearts out, and balancing on an (empty) gas bottle – another member of the troupe is pointing a large fan at the group of musicians, and as predicted, they are slowly spinning around !

Tuesday was hot and cold – « Knot » with Nikki & JD was short and really quite beautiful – a simple story of an ordinary couple, linked by very expressive dance – enjoyed this a lot – the proof in photos…

Later the same evening (22h30) was « Circus Remix » by Le Troisième Cirque. Very innovative, but often too long – a series of short (well, sometimes long) tableaux that actually lasted nearly two hours (with a short intermission). Personally I think this has to be reworked, but the basic idea is excellent, and the only person on stage, Sellah Saimoaossi, was very good.