Festival CiRCa – 1st day

Started this years festival with a bang – Cie Samuel Mathieu and « Guerre » in the Salle Bernard Turin – excellent stuff.

Not easy to photograph as there were several extended periods of silence, and/or near darkness…but I managed a few decent shots IMHO.

This was followed by a concert at the Cri’Art – a Californian band called The Lords of Altamont – their music is described as ‘Garage’ – what can I say…

This guy is the singer/keyboard player – after the first number he threw his keyboard off the stage – I went to see the manager to find out why and it seemed he had managed to tear the plug off the power lead. Needless to say McGiver Grandjean managed to repair the cable and he was able to play to the end of the set…(Frankly can’t say whether that’s good or bad – the level was so high I couldn’t actually hear anything anyway, certainly not the famous Farfisa organ…)

Three more spectacles today – speak later…

Chin(s) up darling!

Recent shot of Maria Carey taking a few of her chins out for a bit of shopping…

While her friend and fellow idiot Kim Kardashian has just come back from the local Botox clinic with a few days supplies…


This will take a little organising, but I’m fairly clear on the format now, and so I think it’s time to prepare for the launch of a new page dedicated to the spectacles that I cover as a photographer.

I’ m still not sure whether this will be a part of the existing iangrandjean.com website, or a whole new site – but there are already more than  270 individual ‘concert’ and ‘spectacle’  albums on the main site, and that’s not counting all the other rubbish out there! I can’t help feeling they’d be better off somewhere less confusing for the eventual visitor.

Too much information kills the information, or the informative value of the site, so I think it will be better to seperate this work from the rest of the visual content.

As to what to call it/where it should appear, and as sadly the pestacle.fr domain name has already been taken, I’m not too sure yet – possibly as a mini-site referenced from the main site home page. We’ll see… (Just checked and it seems pestacle.eu is still available…)

For the English reader (as there’s only one) ‘pestacle’ is a childish (French) deformation of the word ‘spectacle’ – which suits me down to the ground!

Trump – again

Why oh why is it so difficult to get rid of this ape?

In a recent report, Mr Sensitive (Trump) is reported to have commiserated with a grieving widow who had just lost her husband in an ambush in the Niger, saying « Well I guess he knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurt »

Fuckwit or what?

This man is not fit to hold the job he was « elected » to do…

Manu Galure in Concert

Busy day yesterday – while waiting for the artist, Manu Galore, to walk to Auch from Jegun (4 hours) the guys in the Cri’Art ‘dressed’ the stage to make the whole thing a little more welcoming than just black everywhere.

Manu is doing a tour of France – on foot! So he walks, rides, sails everywhere. The previous evening he had been near Jegun, about 20 kilometers from Auch, and early Friday morning he set off to arrive with us at Lunchtime.

After a soundcheck etc. he went off to have a rest before the evening concert.

I meanwhile visited the Library Petits Papiers where the book celebrating the 30 years of the Circus Festival was being launched.

I’m obviously invested as I have a few images in the book – but it will also be quite interesting to learn how the whole ‘system’ has developed over the years. I’ve been covering the festival for only 5 years so I’m a relative newcomer…

Back to the Cri’Art – we all went to dinner at 7pm – and managed to stagger back to the venue before the door opening at 20h45 – Manus parents had come from Toulouse to see the concert (but also to bring a bike for Manu to use to ride to Marciac where his next concert will be on Saturday evening. Marciac is nearly 40kl away from Auch so he decided it might just be a bit too much…

The concert went very well – he’s a talented pianist/singer/songwriter, and last year won a TV talent show, although he’s « been around a bit » already – this tour of France is due to last two years – and this is only just the beginning. For the last three songs he was joined o stage by a friend of his Patrice – sadly the dreadful lighting has prevented me from getting any decent shots of the two together.

Festival Cirque Actuel, Auch, 20-29 octobre

Seems like it was only yesterday we were finishing up the 29th edition – and the 30th is now only a week away…

I will normally be seeing around 15 spectacles – some companies I know, some new – so it’ll be an interesting 10 days for me.

The festival is also the opportunity to meet up with people who are not necessarily there to perform, but who come to see the others, so I’m able to keep in touch with the companies I have photographed in the past. This  sometimes pays off as there have been occasions where I’ve had commissions due to fortuitous meetings!

To celebrate the 30th year of the Festival, CiRCa have produced a book which will be unveiled this coming Friday – great anticipation as there are a number of my images inside…

Diament the caricature artist, will no doubt be there, as he is most years, and it’s a real pleasure to see him at work – he works with astonishing speed, sometimes barely looking at the paper on which he’s working.

A company I am really keen to see again is Circa Tsuica/ Cheptel Aleïkoum – I know nearly all of them and they will be performing this year. I haven’t yet seen their latest offering « Les Princesses » – can’t wait for that!

Last but by no means least, in addition to my Festival 2016 expo on the patio at CiRCa, I have a retrospective of the residences I’ve covered during 2016/17, at the Cant’Auch during the festival – I’m everywhere at the moment (he said modestly…)



Welcome Home…

Yes, I’m back in the Gers – the trip to Haute Savoie turned into a marathon of two weeks work (Wossat??) but at least I as able to spend some time with my youngest daughter and, with her help, completely remodel her new flat.

This all started with an ‘innocent’ question… »Daddy, what do you know about laying floating floors? » As it happens, I have done a couple before, so I do know something about it…but of course, this then developed into, floors, kitchen AND bathroom (but she kept that surprise for the day I arrived!)

This is a small array of tools that I had been using to organise the plumbing. The photograph shows the kitchen part of the floating floor (70m² finally…) This is obviously BEFORE the kitchen.

This is the room now !

Here’s the bathroom…








Before….                                                                                                       …and after!

There are obviously a few ‘finishing touches’ to be made, but I was running out of holiday days and had to get home.

My daughter is very happy with our work – and so she should be – with the help of a couple of her friends she has removed all the wallpaper and painted virtually every surface white (even some of the carpet…) Now I’m waiting for the photo that shows she has been able to mount all the remaining door handles…

For obvious reasons I had very little time to see any sights (despite an afternoon in Geneva) but at least now we know we have a comfortable flat to ‘squat’ whenever we have the time to visit again!!

Haute Savoie

Right, I’m off to visit the North-East for a few days – more of a working holiday really, and a short bike ride from here…

Hope the weather isn’t too cold – there’s no heating where I’ll be ‘working’ !!

Speak soon xxx

Cie du Poivre Rose

Had great fun with the Cie Poivre Rose at CiRCa this week. They have been here in Auch in the final stages of preparation for their new spectacle « Memoire(s) » which will premier in a weeks time near Pau.

The album of my images can be found here – and here a few silly shots I took while they were doing their dress rehersal.

Many thanks to Toinette, Marine, Christian, Thomas, Marvel and Amoury!!

Dominique QUET, Photographer

When we were returning from our week away, we passed by Montpelier (deliberately!) to see the William GEDNEY exhibition at the Pavillion Populaire.

The expo was ‘OK’ – some of the images provided an insight into life in America in the early 70’s, but overall I think the general quality was pretty awful. Shame, but I can’t help thinking that just because the author was a homosexuel doesn’t really make an exhibition of his ‘work’ a masterpeice.

Georges SOUCHE – « Terrasses du Larzac »

We rang Georges SOUCHE our photographer friend who lives in these parts. We had already decided to visit his expo at the Méridienne des Sens in Clermont Hérault, and when he discovered that we were passing by Montpelier,  suggested a visit to the Gazette Café where a friend of his, Dominique QUET was having a small exhibition of images taken when he was working as a photo-journalist.

Can’t understand the title as there were only about 30 images…

The images were generally very good, his books more photo albums, but at least he uses Nikon * !!

We managed a brief chat with Dominique, but despite messages and telephone calls, Georges managed to miss every rendezvous! Next year perhaps…

The café is a nice concept – it’s linked to the Montpelier Gazette and is basically open house for anyone who want’s to have a drink, read a book, have free WiFi… and of course it also provides a ‘wall’ for the occasional exhibition.

* We met a very nice German couple during our week away from home, and one of the first questions Bert, the husband, asked was « So, Nikon or Canon? » – this when he found out that I took photographs.