Introducing the PGYTECH Card storage & reader

This is a recent addition to PGYTECHs range of memory card cases – with the added bonus that it includes a card reader, which makes the thing a whole lot more interesting.

The storage/reader part slides out from an alluminium housing, covered in a green (or black) rubber/neoprene protection.

There are 2 versions – CFExpress A and B – as the ‘A’ type cards don’t seem that popular (and as such are way more expensive) and my cameras use the ‘B’ version, we’ll concentrate on that version.

As can be seen in this image, there are card storage slots for 2 x CFE B cards and 3 x SD cards. (Also microSD and SIM).

The slots for the card reader are at the top, on the opposite side. A neat USB-C cable unfolds from the case and the whole thing is dust proof and protected from water (when closed) but NOT waterproof. I’ve never actually been tempted to try to download a card underwater, so this is hardly a huge concern for me.

An additional USB-C slot allows to connect an externe power source (useful if, like me, you download your cards to a phone/external disk in the field) – good move this.

At around 90€ this is not cheap kit – and I’m trusting it lives up to expectations.


It’s arrived and it’s a very well built/designed bit of kit. It’s supplied with a microSD/SD adaptor and a SIM card ‘key’ / screwdriver.

I’ve tested the card reader, and not surprisingly it reads my CFEexpress cards but not my XQD cards (which is of no importance to me – I have 4 or 5 which need to go…) The interface is fast (USB-C) and the cable is neatly stored in the unit itself. Recommended.

(Purchasing advice – buy this on the PGYTECH site and you’ll end up paying 40€ less than the recommended price on Amazon – yes, it ships from China but mine arrived in 2 weeks, at no extra cost.)