Can’t they just leave her alone?

Hot news (worldwide apparently) is the new photograph published by Buckingham Palace to celebrate Mothers Day.

She is a competent amateur photographer, but in this instance it was her husband, the Prince of Wales who actually pressed the shutter. When the image was published the press had a field day, criticising some Photoshop fails, and asking why?

This prompted a swift apology from Kate Middleton who admitted that her Photoshop skills were limited, and that she shouldn’t have messed around with the image in the first place.

What I can’t understand is why people are making such a fuss? Very few images are published wihout a few ‘corrections’ – the simple fact that it was an image of the future Queen doesn’t, in my mind, make any difference.

True, had a ‘pro’ photographer taken (and edited) this image there would be little or no trace, but what the hell? Hasn’t she got enough on her plate without these idiots criticising her?

Closer to home (to me here in France) we have heard of an idiot (known for tying up his guests and suspending them from the garage ceiling…prompting the expression ‘Just off to hang around at Michels place’ ) who considers himself Gods gift to photography, and wouldn’t hesitate to use all the sliders and effects on his editing software in an attempt to make his fearfully drab images look ‘wonderful darling’ – doesn’t work, but he’s happy. (Apparently moves are afoot to ‘discourage’ him from attending the local photo club for doing the one thing he does with consumate ease – pissing people off.)

Personally I can’t see why a few ‘corrections’ can really change the ‘soul’ or purpose of an image like the one in question – no-one is out to fool anyone, no wool, no eyes…