Strange happenings, stranger people

This person is Helen Degenerate – and he/she/it is a thoroughly nice person, really. He or should I say ‘she’ dresses up in mens clothing and has a television show in the United States. He/she/it considers him/herself/itself a comedien.

He/she/it is a classic know-it-all, been there, done that cross-dressing straight/gay person, and as such, by all accounts, is pretty full of him/her/itself.

« By all accounts » comes from a dozen or so people who have worked for this « person », and don’t consider him/her/it either very funny, nor, and this is more important, to actually ‘like’ or appreciate anyone other than he/she/itself. Infact of course this doesn’t really matter – who cares if he/she/it is a right real PITA – aside from the people who work for him/her/it!!

During the confinement in the US, he/her/it laid off a number of the technical staff who work on the famous « show » – and then decided to do the show from his/her/it’s house with a whole new crew! Not unnaturally, the original crew who were now unemployed were, how can I put this, justifiably pissed?

Well, let’s face it, when you think you’re a God, better act like one…