VERY Frightening

Simple excercise in mathematics;-

Multiply 60 (minutes) by 24 (hours) and you get 1440 (minutes in a day)

Yesterday, 29 July 2020 there were 1500 deaths attibuted to the COVID-19 virus in the United States.

This is more than one death for every single minute of the day.

Wake up you idiots – this is NOT going away quote ‘magically’ unquote Donald Trump, when the weather gets warmer.

Not wearing masks and not respecting social distancing DOES NOT make it go away.

Believing Doctors selling snake oïl remedies ‘made from alien DNA’ DOES NOT make it go away either.

Do SOMETHING for Christs sake – and fast, or worrying about the state of the economy will be the least of your concerns – there won’t be enough people left to RUN the economy.

Get rid of the orange haired baboon – he’s the one who needs a government health warning…