MEIKE Grip for the Nikon Z6

Meike MK-Z7G

One of the minor disadvantages with the new Nikon Z series cameras is the size. It’s actually both good and bad – good in that there is a lot less bulk flaying around the shoulder, but bad in that for people with largish hands, the grip (to the right side of the body) isn’t deep enough vertically and the last (little) finger tends to be left floating.

Nikon have announced development (What? This should have been available when the body was announced – it’s only a battery case) of the MB-N10 which will provide room for two EN-EL15b batteries (but strangely, no shutter release, AF-ON buttons etc.) – the design goes back to the older D5*** and D7*** where a stalk replaces the camera battery. Sadly no-one has actually seen one…and frankly for the additional size and weight, I think a spare battery in a pocket is going to be substantially cheaper and a better solution.

Battery grip for Nikon D7500

The bulk of the grip is for the two batteries. There are no electrical connections on the base of the Z series cameras (yet…who knows what future designs will give us…) so this is the only way to connect the batteries to the camera electronics. The original battery door unclips and can be stored on the grip. Aside from the obvious increase in autonomy, the battery grip gives more vertical depth, and thus better ‘grip’ !

Back to the Meike MK-Z7G. Meike have obviously given this a fair amount of thought – the machining is really top class, and there is even a location ‘stalk’ on the plate which mates to a recess in the camera bottom plate – this makes the alignment perfect.

Another nice touch is the way that they have included a recessed plastic block into which the original battery door is clipped – it retains it’s job of being a ‘door’, but flush with the underside of the plate, rather than hidden and almost inaccessible under the plate in it’s original position.

Meike MK-Z7G plate with Nikon battery door

Sadly the plate is not supplied with a hex key with which to fix it to the camera – a detail, but a lot of the ‘L’ plates and other accessories purchased from China are supplied with these (so it’s ok for me – I’ve already got loads!!)

The plate increases the vertical depth by 19mm which is VERY useful and comfortable – my little finger feels quite at home and the overall grip is improved without a huge increase in size and/or weight.

Shipping included I found this for 32€ on eBay and the (free) shipping took 10 days.