Chinese Copies?

In the photo accessory market there are a huge number of things coming out of China. Many of these are complete rubbish, but a few are very well designed and engineered, and to top it all, are often sold for very reasonable plices.

I have equiped all of my cameras with ‘L’ plates. These use the tripod socket to attach a plate to the bottom of the camera which allows it, in turn, to be attached to a quick release tripod mounting. The reason that the plate is in the form of an ‘L’ is to allow the camera to be mounted either in horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) position without changing the axis of the lens. (Most tripod mounts allow the camera to be swiveled or tilted 90 degrees, but in doing so, the axis of the lens is moved considerably)

This is an ‘L’ plate mounted on a Nikon Z series camera

iShoot manufacture (or at least, SELL) a number of these plates adapted to different popular camera bodies, and I was interested to see that in fact the version for the Nikon Z series is not actually available anywhere else (Really Right Stuff etc.) – so in this case at least, it’s not as much a ‘Chinese Copy‘ as a ‘Chinese Original

This is what I received for 21€ (free shipping) – it’s beautifully made and fits the camera like a glove.

I am now waiting for the other equipment manufacturers to bring out ‘their’ versions (All 100% original of course…)

Just for fun, I checked the prices of an ‘L’ plate for the Nikon D850 – iShoot (or equivalent) 35€, Really Right Stuff 140$ – you pays yer money, you takes yer choice…