Getting back into the saddle

After Déclic and organising various projects, it was really nice to pick up a camera again and do something for ME!

Initially I photographed a Belgian company here in residence – this was all in the large studio and even though the lighting wasn’t perfect, I managed some reasonable images.

Alexander Vantournhout « Screws »

This last week a company I’ve known for 4 years are back in residence and this is a lot more dynamic – The Philébulistes are known for their exotic structures – and this is no exception! I photographed them in 2014 when they were in Auch with « Halili »

Cie Les Philébulistes « Halili »

This year they’re back with « La Tangente du Bras Tendu » which involves doing anything and everything on an even larger structure than before;

Les Lendemains & Les Philébulistes

The Caserne Espagne,  empty since 1993, provides the space, and an intriguing backdrop, for the structure. The company are giving a presentation of the project on the 28th of June – until then, I’ve been invited to visit whenever I want, to document a little of the development of the project.


This is a group photo which I was able to organise – one of the tableaux uses a lot of ladders so it seemed obvious to me that we should include them as props… they seem to like the result!