New Camera Anybody?

This is the latest Hasselblad which will be available in March this year.

It’s the H6D-400c MS – the ‘400’ stands for 400 Megapixels, which is pretty terrifying! The sensor is actually ‘only’ 100mp in the classic 53 x40mm format, but the innovation in this model is what Hasselblad call ‘Multi shot’ – the sensor electronics ‘move’ the sensor by one pixel horizontally and vertically, and the Phocus image treatment software merges the resulting files into one huge 578 mb TIFF file 11600 x 8700 pixels!

The images are quite simply amazing in detail – Hasselblad state « Multi-Shot capture does require tethering to a host computer, static subject, and controlled studio environment.  » This is not something you’ll be using for sports photography, or landscapes in driving wind or rain…

Oh, one last thing – the price: $47,500 –  it’s unnecessary to add, but this is the price for just the body/back… lenses are another thing entirely