I think it’s time I stopped posting stuff on Facebook – I can’t actually see any particular use or benefit – I seem to be ‘followed’ by a horde of people who simply click on ‘like’ without any apparent reason. Very frustrating. Quantitative but certainly not qualitative.

People tell us that a presence on social media is important, particularly working in visual media, as it gives one the possibility to present ones images to a broad platform of different people.

This is all well and good, but I have never had a photographic commission linked to my presence on Facebook – so frankly why bother?

A few of the people I follow do like I do – if they actually like a piece of work, they click on ‘like’ – if not, they don’t bother. This I can easily come to terms with and seems a reasonably sane way of reacting. I certainly don’t expect ‘likes’ from everyone, but sadly there are a large number of people out there where clicking ‘like’ is an automatic response – I personally can’t see the point. After all, no one likes EVERYTHING do they?

So I’m actually considering closing my pages – my personal one and the photographic page – I frankly doubt anyone will notice – and it will finally relieve me of this ‘need’ to check the damn pages every morning to see if there’s been any reactions… I have better things to do with my life, and I can’t help thinking there are also better ways for me to ‘expose’ my work;