Eric Canto – Photographer

I’ve recently come across the work of Eric Canto. He’s a French photographer living in Montpellier, and his principle work is concert photography – which he does very well!

This interests me as I’m a frustrated concert photographer and I’m keen to see what really can be done when the conditions are right – photographically speaking. This means that the lighting technicians actually know how to light a set, and are not constantly flashing anything and everything, and lighting the artists from behind…

Eric has recently published a book « A Moment Suspended in Time » which shows his work over the last 10 years, from more than 700 concerts.

I’ve purchased the book – but I decided to give it to myself for Christmas so I haven’t actually opened it yet.  As it is I’ve seen some of his work on his site (here) and it’s pretty much what I expected – excellent!

I’ve also found an interview from October (in French) where Eric discusses his approach to his work, and what he expects to get out of a concert etc. I find myself warming to this photographer even though we’ve never met – his attitude is much like mine with respect to how and why he makes his photographs – and I find that strangely reassuring. Lighting is such an important aspect – and fundamentally part of the word ‘photography’ after all – and I have to admit I’d love to have the chance to cover a ‘real’ concert, on a ‘real’ stage with ‘real’ lighting, if only just to see what I could do with decent conditions.

I can’t (yet) say that I recommend the book – but I’m pretty sure I will – here’s a link if you feel the urge