Running down…

It’s the ‘slowing down’ period before Christmas – well, for me at least!

Here in Auch the town hall organised a ‘street’ spectacle to coincide with the opening of the Christmas Market. Like last year they invited the Cie AKOUMA and for 45 minutes we had fireworks and flame throwers in the centre of the town – great fun.

Great fun!

On Monday I had a rendezvous with the Cie La Meute at CiRCa – they are here on a two week residence preparing their new spectacle « Le Cri de l’Oeuf » (The Cry of the Egg) – this involves a HUGE metal ‘wheel of death’ structure, and CiRCa is one of the few places in France where this can be used indoors (the spectacle is for outdoors)

Le Cri de l’Oeuf

The idea is that the Mathieu and Thibault balance on this thing, then they make their way into the cages at each end, and make it revolve – they did, and it was pretty spectacular. This is only the beginning – it will be interesting to see how the show evolves.  More images of the residence can be seen here.