Lily « Fuck You » Allen

Sorry about the swearing, but it is in fact the title of one of Lily Allen’s songs – such a class act…

Lily « I must be famous I’ve got blue hair » Allen

You’ll notice I didn’t write  the word « singer » – this is someone of measurably little talent who considers herself a « singer » – sadly her career was as short as her IQ and to get noticed, she’s decided to invent « events » A: to get into the press, and B: to get into the press.

(You may remember her father, the excellent Keith Allen, who appeared in the 1994 film ‘Shallow Grave’ with Ewan McGregor – visibly the only one of the family with any talent)

The latest « event » involves a flat she purchased in Notting Hill – because she doesn’t work, and therefore, earn anything, she rented the flat out. The people who rented it happen to work for the Italian government, and when the end of their rental period ended, asked for a two day extension to organise their final move.

Lily, of course, took this as a refusal to move out and accused them of being squatters, and that as Italian government officials, had diplomatic immunity and that she could do nothing to get rid of them. Sob, sob etc.

Predictably, the two day period over and the family have moved out, as planed. Lot of fuss about nothing – a bit like the career of Lily Allen…