Nikon – the future

While I have to admit I’m not really a fan-boy to the extent of constantly ‘predicting’ what the next offering from Nikon will be…I have to admit the 2014 launch of the D750 has got me thinking…

Up until now, new ‘groups’ of cameras were fairly well spaced, with the number increment climbing at a reasonable rate: D3000, D3100, D3200 etc.

The D3*** group are amateur – first DSLR type cameras

The D5*** group are moderate/advanced amateur

The D7*** group advanced/pro etc.

Then the D750 was launched – this is supposed to fall into the avanced amateur/pro group which started with the excellent D700 in 2008.

The D8** series started ok – D800, D810 and now a huge jump to the D850

For me the writing is on the wall – a new ‘M’ series will be making it’s appearance soon – ‘M’ for Mirrorless – why? Well, as increments go, the D750 can go to the D760, D780 but there’s not much more scope until it hits the D8** group. The D850 (as and when it’s actually launched) has more ‘breathing room’ in that the D9** is open (for the moment) With the number of lenses available, it seems likely that this series (and the Pro D* series) will be maintained as the advanced/pro DSLR options.

All this to say that I get the distinct feeling that the D7** series will be slowly put to bed, the D8** and D* series maintained, and a new ‘M’ series started as an advanced/pro mirror-less body, possibly even with a new lens mount (requiring new lenses, or existing lenses with new ‘M’ series mounting rings)

I am not the Angry Photographer so I don’t have any proof for any of these mumblings – but logic would point us towards a pro series mirror-less development…let’s see what the future will hold…