Be careful now…

Today, it seems, we have to be so careful what we say, or write – particularly on Internet. People seem to have adopted the American attitude of suing everyone for the most ridiculous reasons. So much for freedom of speech.

I mention this simply because if I were to publish the following on a public forum I’d no doubt be banned (again) !

This was brough home to me recently when I was reading some posts on the Nikon Rumours Forum and realised that I simply couldn’t reply or comment.

There are a few very reasonable photographers who post their ideas and desires, and a whole host of people who really shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a camera who post all sorts of totally unremarkable dross.

One of them (« With more than 55 years experience » according to his FLIKR profile) only posts images taken three or four years ago – thus prompting the thought that he still hasn’t quite got used to his latest DSLR purchased two years ago – interestingly, despite the fact we never actually see any of his more recent rubbish, sorry, images, he’s the first to be « waiting for the revised edition » of his current camera. WTF.

I rest my case…

Anyway… after reading a few posts from largely ignorant (but visibly quite wealthy) people who consider themselves ‘experienced photographers’  I came to the conclusion that the large majority of these people relied entirely on the camera to take/make their images, seemingly forgetting that the camera, in my opinion at least, is simply a tool to record what the photographer wants to portray.

More than one of these amazingly ‘experienced’ people made the comment that despite having recently purchased a recent digital reflex camera, that they were eagerly waiting for the next model – but why? The current model does about 3000 times more than they will ever need or understand, so does this mean that the fact that they are incapable of using it and creating decent images mean that the next model will do this any better for them?

I can better understand the camera manufacturers marketing now – they aim everything at these idiots, knowing full well that they will buy every new model, not for it’s capabilities, but because they think they will suddenly take better pictures!

Great strategy!