Brief Encounter

For the past three or four years I’ve come across a man standing in the from row, taking photographs of the artists at Welcome in Tziganie. We never really had the opportunity to talk until this year when we actually spoke a little, and after the festival it dawned on me that it was Jean Jaques MOLES a photographer based at Maubec in the neighbouring department Tarn-et-Garonne.

He has most recently exposed work at the Abbey de Flaran in the Gers, and I remember really liking some of his work when we visited the exhibition earlier this year (before I realised who he was).

We exchanged a few e-mails after the festival, and this exchange has left me a little confused. He made a comment regarding the photographs he’d seen on my site :

« I found your images very ‘harmonious’ with respect to the lighting – and it’s for this reason that I think you ‘treated’ them before publishing. I don’t treat my images »

I really don’t know what to say –  yes, I ‘adjusted’  the exposures it’s true – this is inevitable in a concert situation where the lighting changes as the artists move on stage. Does this mean he doesn’t like anything that has been ‘adjusted’? I find this a little old-fashioned, frankly.

Sad really – I’d hoped this friendship might develop.