Short Memories…

More news from Donald « My hair was like this when I bought it » Trump :- he’s decided to bomb the s*** out of the Shayrat airbase in western Syria from which  a chemical weapon attack had been launched by the Syrian president Bachar el-Assad a few days ago. It seems he had been ‘upset’ at news reports showing young childrens bodies, killed by sarin gas.

I think this is all very laudable etc. but I can’t help thinking that this response is several months too late – it would seem that the pictures of adults and children blown apart by bombs didn’t have any effect on the ‘people in power’, who are visibly far more worried about pissing-off Vladimir Putin than preventing a dictator wiping out his own people.

All waste of life like this is beyond comprehension, but an ‘expert’ interviewed on French television yesterday made, in my view,  a very pertinent remark – if it came to dying in less than 10 seconds in a sarin gas attack, or being blown up and being in pain for hours while awaiting treatment than might never arrive, for him at least the choice was not difficult to make.