Hide! The loonies are coming!!

Yes – my old ‘friend’ the Beibs is up and ranting away again – this time all about photos…

It seems that Justin Beiber has had enough and feels ‘used’ – the reason? He’s fed up with people stopping him in the street and asking to take a photo with him. He has even announced on Instagram that he « …doesn’t owe anybody » and that people shouldn’t expect that, just because they’ve bought one of his albums that they have a God given right to have a photo with their idol.

Well, actually in some ways I agree (What???) it can’t be easy being followed at every step by hordes of fans and admirers, who, incidentally, were the same idiots who actually put him where he is today. The reason he started ‘singing’ in public was to become famous and earn lots of money – well, he’s done that and now considers that he’s too important to be treated like every other ‘pop’ star.

Personally I agree – I think all images of this f***-wit be removed from the Internet and we all try to forget he ever existed – along with the talent-less Kardashian sisters. These time-wasters need to be expunged from our collective memories.

So Justin, give me half your dosh and I’ll happily pose for your ‘heart-broken’ fans and admirers (all with a collective intelligence of a bath towel).