Artificial Intelligence

(And no, this isn’t about the idiot who screws hooks in his garage ceiling…)

This is fast becoming ‘the’ topic of articles on the Internet at the moment – be it from photographers bemoaning the fact that we’ll never be able to believe what we see (in the media) to graduates thanking the God of AI that they were able to pull off their (completely manufactured) end of course memories…

The Internet ‘magazine’ BLIND has just published a very well good article about AI and it’s effect on what we perceive…read it here – it’s worth it.

Michael Christopher Brown is a photographer and artist who has just published a project with images created by AI called « 90 Miles » (The distance separating Havana from Florida)

He is a respected photographer, having worked with National Geographic, Magnum etc. and now he’s an artist who works with photographic illustration. This project is not entirely virtuel, as he has worked in Cuba and followed the changing situation there.

Read the article and make your own opinion…