Now Everyone’s a Photographer – chapter 21

This has to end! Our ‘favourite’ wannabe photographer has just published this – I can’t take it any more, so after this I will not be wasting any more time on this idiot.

Frankly I’m surprised he didn’t just put up a message « Hi, I’ve no discernable talent, but photography seems easy, so is there anybody out there who will pay me to do what I have no idea how to? »

Give me a break

Postscript: I’ve been trying to figure out why this situation bothers me so much – I mean, I’m not in any way jealous of this idiot (look at his so called ‘work’ and decide for yourself) I think the thing that bugs me the most is this « I want to do something that I have no training and (visibly) no potential for, so help me. » like it’s an obligation for people to leap in and shower him with help and advice.

Photography, like many many things, can be self taught, or at least the learning curve can be more or less steep depending on the advice you take/search for/read, but it’s essentially something that has to have a certain innate understanding of light, composition etc. Yes, of course you can learn this things, but understanding basic principles helps too…you can’t just rely  on people saying « oh that’s nice » to make you a photographer.

I’ve seen a number of people start showing their photographic work, and over a period of time, the improvements are manifest (the people are ‘learning’) and their work evolves – I can only hope this will eventually dawn on this person to get up of his arse and do something himself. I would like to be proved wrong, but sadly I don’t think this is ever going to happen.