This will take a little organising, but I’m fairly clear on the format now, and so I think it’s time to prepare for the launch of a new page dedicated to the spectacles that I cover as a photographer.

I’ m still not sure whether this will be a part of the existing website, or a whole new site – but there are already more than  270 individual ‘concert’ and ‘spectacle’  albums on the main site, and that’s not counting all the other rubbish out there! I can’t help feeling they’d be better off somewhere less confusing for the eventual visitor.

Too much information kills the information, or the informative value of the site, so I think it will be better to seperate this work from the rest of the visual content.

As to what to call it/where it should appear, and as sadly the domain name has already been taken, I’m not too sure yet – possibly as a mini-site referenced from the main site home page. We’ll see… (Just checked and it seems is still available…)

For the English reader (as there’s only one) ‘pestacle’ is a childish (French) deformation of the word ‘spectacle’ – which suits me down to the ground!