Storage File Naming

This is not a rant, but I have to admit the system NIKON has adopted is far from ideal for the 5 photographers who actually bother to use it.

NIKON allow the user to change three of the digits in the storage file name, to enable different file sequences etc. This is all very well, and for the most part used by most photographers who shoot, then download their work the same day – who cares where the files are stored.

But there are some people out there who tend to shoot over longer periods…days, weeks even, and having the possibility to change the file name, for example, to include a date…would be extremely useful.

Added to this the new functions where the camera becomes entirely automatic, even down to when it chooses to record the image – in these situations the camera could be alone for days at a stretch.

Another way of approaching the ‘problem’ would be an auto increment – choose a three digit number and then when the internal clock detects it’s after midnight, increment the chosen number by 1 – in this way when the card is connected to a computer, the different (sequential) files could be easily identified.

I’m sorry NIKON but when you see the zillions of menu items, adding a date sequence to the storage file selection doesn’t’t seem like rocket science…