Trials and Tribulations

I photograph circus companies. On a regular basis. I must be good at this, as some even ask me to come back. For the most part, these companies are happy for me to follow the evolution of their work, and they let me in to see what’s going on. I make an album of photos, and often use some to hang in the circus restaurant etc.

The other day I contacted the current company in residence here, and we agreed that the best day would be the following Monday (as I was not working – it was a bank holiday). I duly contacted them on the Sunday – or tried to – they didn’t reply. Eventually, the next day, they got back to me saying that instead of the day we’d agreed on, they’d be ready the following day.

I had already explained that this day would be difficult as I was only available in the early evening. Their response was remarkable « Oh I thought you were more flexible »….

We eventually met up, only to be confronted with the arrival of a man supposedly checking things out for a proposed video shoot (another day) – after a lot of faffing around we finally got started (late) and I had to try to make images with two women who spent 90% of the time (over an hour) talking into a microphone and/or rolling around all over the floor.

I did my best – sent them the link to the album – and 24 hours later received « OK thanks »

Makes you wonder why I bother…