I admit, I’ve been convinced by the blurb, but this new gadget is VERY light, which makes a huge difference when you’re wandering around making photographs with a camera/lens combination which is better on a tripod. This is the ULANZI Zero Y

It has a full panoramic head, which also tilts to 90°, obviously an ARCA style mounting (!), the center column can be reduced in length to make the tripod useable at virtually ground level.

So, this should be a complete solution – no need to add a panning/tilting head, and at a total weight of 1kg should be easy enough to sling under the camera bag and carry around without any difficulty.

PS – a similar design, by PEAK, but which weighs twice as much is currently available at 3 times the price 799€ – this version is designed principally for people with far more money than sense, or idiots with hooks in their garage ceilings…


The tripod has finally arrived, and it’s everything I could hope for. Light, well made, sturdy, and very ‘adaptable’.

From the top – the head has a rotating (panorama) function which locks with a simple pressure knob.

The ARCA fitting is released by turning a knurled knob. The ball mechanism is released by opening a horizontal lever – with the center column NOT extended, there is limited ‘play’ but enough to adjust the camera if the ground is completely level. To gain more adjustment (to tilt at 90°) a vertical lever, hidden between two of the legs, needs to be opened to let the column move upwards.

The legs themselves are round, with an almost trianguler centre column. The legs have a top ratchet which adjusts to three positions, from a ‘normal’ vertical position, to an almost horizontal position for low to the ground shots.

For this last setting, the centre column will be too long, so the built in wrench (hidden at the bottom end of the centre column) has to be unscrewed, and used to undo a bolt which allows the column to split into a 25% + 75% configuration – which then allows the legs to be opened to their fullest and the centre of the tripod is almost on the ground.

The centre column can be inserted normally or inverted – this is another way to get the ball head closer to the ground without taking the column apart. There’s a hook on the bottom of the centre column – very useful for hanging a weight, or simply a camera bag to stop the damn thing moving in the wind!

The tripod is supplied with three stainless steel spikes which can be used to replace the three rubber cushions at the end of the legs.

There’s a spirit level on the ball head, and the tripod is supplied in a very well made close-fitting bag with a removable shoulder strap. I purchased this from the ULANZI site in Germany, which meant I paid significantly less (25%) than the same purchase in France – and I have no idea why this should be.