Annual Kardashian Rant

The Kardashian family, you know the tribe with the combined intelligence of a felt hat, always manage to annoy me, in or our of the news.

So what has Kim « arse the size of Texas » Kardashian done that’s so note worthy recently? Farted? Her sisters would probably bottle that and make another billion…

Er…she went to a launch party for another one of the tribe who is launching more cosmetics for sad, lost people who can’t decide for themselves.

And this is news? Well it seems to be for the Daily Mail – but then whenever has journalism ever got in the way of a few (identical) photos and mind boggling spelling mistakes?

When you think her step father actually had to change sex to escape the family, it really makes one wonder…

Unbeknown to these idiots there are actually far more important things going on in the world – a serious number of countries are having record droughts, and or wild fires. There’s a war going on in Ukraine. Everyone everywhere seems to be striking for more cash.

But don’t worry, the spotlight will be dragged back onto these losers (sadly) and we’ll all be subject to more ridiculous goings-on.

As Kenny Everet (bless him) used to say « All in the best possible taste » – miss him – at least he had talent.