Instameet – Château de Cassaigne

Tomorrow, July the 26th, year of our lord 2022 I’ve been invited to participate in an Instameet at the Chateau of Cassaigne in the South West of France.

I’ve been invited by the tourist office at Condom who, from time to time, create little ‘experiences’ for their devoted (lol) followers/contributers – of which I am one. We shall have a tour of the Chateau, meet a local theatrical group, and watch a performance which will be staged infant of the château.

The reason I’m getting sticky knickers is that I’m finally going to meet photographic royalty (well, in these parts at least) !! Yes, one of the other people invited is no less than Matthiew Rhinestone – and if I quote from his Instagram profile, you’ll understand why he is such an important guest and that this is such an important occasion :

« Award-winning Photographer – architecture, landscape, travel and location weddings worldwide. iPhoneography…
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My lord, what am I going to do? Should I tart myself up, have a haircut (but which one?) ?

Does one bow in his presence? Curtsey perhaps? Is it actually worth me taking a camera, or even going there??

I’ll keep you posted…