Screwed again….will I ever learn?

I recently took photographs during the CiRCa residence of a company I know, and who seemed to appreciate my work.

I had already explained to them how the system works – I come and take a few photographs while they are here, which we use as images to create an archive of information relating to the companies that come through Auch. In exchange I offer two images to the company that they can use however they like.

When I arrived, I explained all this (a second time) and the director explained that the artists on stage had prepared a number of « elements » of the production that I could photograph, and that we could change the lighting etc. (to improve the photographs)  if necessary, as we went along.

I stayed for four hours….and took more than 1500 images….

I prepared an album and sent the link to the company…then waited.

Two weeks later I received a mail which essentially said that they had chosen 10 images, and given that I would offer them 3 free (?) this left 7 – and would I please reduce the price as they had no money.  The mail went on to say that they had chosen another 20 images that they would like to have to « offer to the artists » but as they wouldn’t use them in their communications etc. that they wanted them free.

I waited 24 hours before replying…then refused their kind offer/demands.

Strangely I haven’t had any kind of reply – I don’t know if I should be surprised or not – but it’s more than a little frustrating to be treated this way.

Tant pis as we say…