Mirrorless? Someone said mirrorless?

This is the latest teaser from NIKON

This is supposed to represent the next generation of full-frame digital cameras from NIKON – the mirroless concept.

These have been around for a while, albeit in compact camera (smaller sensor) style, but recently the BIG name manufacturers have been putting a lot of effort into creating a real full frame version capable of taking over where reflex camera bodies left off…

What are the advantages? Well, simply put, this would make a HUGE difference to my work. One of the disadvantages to reflex cameras is the reflex mirror – the noise of the shutter and the mirror is VERY distrubing when photographing circus performances, and to have the sensitivity which is now possible, linked to a virtually silent camera body would make my job a lot easier. Most mirroless cameras don’t have an optical (electronic) viewfinder, and this would be vital for most professionals, as an optical viewfinder allows the photographer to A: screen the viewfinder imange from extraneuos light, and B: not bother all the people around him while he’s obliged to look at the screen on the back of the camera body.

Sadly there are disadvantages too – in partiicular the lens mount – it’s thought that NIKON will announce a new lens mount when the new camera is launched in August. This is down to simple physics – the distances involved (in the camera body) will not be the same given that there is no longer a mirror, so they will no doubt be obliged to create an adaptor with which we’ll be able to use all our existing lenses. No news on this yet, and therefore no news whether this adaptor will let us use all the existing automatic (focusing etc.) funtions currently available.

So, we’ll just have to wait and see what NIKON will come up with (and the cost!) at the end of August…