The Eye of Photography

This is a French site, also available in English, L’Œil de la Photographie is one which just has to be visited!

I signed up to the newsletter a few years ago – this is a mine of information about current work, artists portfolios, exhibitions etc. and I strongly recommend people to visit and read. There’s a staggering amount of work that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ (I know, I’ve tried!) to bring new artists to the fore, and also to catalog what is going on generally, in the photographic art world.

In addition, at weekends, the site is given over to anyone who wants to send in a selection of their personal work – a marvellous way to ‘expose’ new talent to a larger audience. There’s even one of my photos….from a long time ago…

There’s even an IOS/Android web app available for your phone to keep track of events etc.