Very Interesting – but secret!

Strange situation recently regarding my photographic work at CiRCa. There have been 5 companies in residence here in Auch since early January. The only problem for me is that four of them are somewhat allergic to the public actually seeing the images I’ve made – this is a novel situation for a photographer « Sure, come and take all the photographs you want – just don’t show them to anybody »

The two most recent are at opposite ends of the creative ladder – Cirque Aïtal are in the early days of the creation, and things like lighting and costumes are a long way away. The work I’ve been doing with them is essentially just recording their efforts to develop elements which will all go together, eventually, to form a coherent scenario.

Victor and Katy – Cirque Aïtal

At the other end of the ladder are Cie Oktobre – they presented « Midnight Sun » here on Sunday and Monday, to a very appreciative crowd. There are three distinct elements to this performance, and I’m not allowed to show any photographs from anything other than the first – which is frustrating…

Max, Hanna & Nata – Cie Oktobre

Interestingly enough, before they arrive here, each company receives a letter detailing my involvement with CiRCa and what we plan to do with the images etc. and, in my recollection, there’s only been one or two refusals in over 5 years of photographic work here, and over 80 companies photographed.

I would really appreciate them actually reading the damn letter!