Fairy Story?

Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, a young girl lived in a nice flat, in a nice town. She lived her life, went  to work, went running – all the normal things normal people do, normally.

Since the time she had been living in the nice town she had been making lots of friends, and one couple seemed, on the surface, very warm and friendly and she got on well with them. One day the couple decided to get married – the preparations for the marriage went on for over a year and one day, she received an invitation to the marriage.

Shortly before she received the invitation she broke up with her boyfriend. The couple getting married had met him and seemed to like him, and she thought no more of it – until she received the invitation. The couple asked her who she would be coming with, and when she replied that she would be bringing her new boyfriend, they said no, that they didn’t know him and that they didn’t want him to come.

This made her very upset – were these people, who she had got on so well with, really trying to choose her friends? She decided to go alone to the ceremony, but to skip the reception as she would rather spend the time with her new boyfriend (who had taken the weekend off, just for the wedding).

Then she got to thinking – and a number of strange memories came back to her – wasn’t it this couple who, when they were invited to parties or for a meal and brought a bottle with them, left the evening taking back the bottle? Wasn’t it this couple who offered to make her a birthday cake – and then when they gave her the cake, also gave her the bill for all the ingredients?

Finally she decided to send them a message saying that, all things considered, they had upset her so much that she wasn’t really interested in their wedding – thank you very much.

Not an easy choice – but the best one for her, IMHO