Wish List

This is what is at the top of my wish list for 2017.
The IRIX 11mm f/4 Firefly

Albeit a manual focus lens, it’s the angle of view which interests me – 126° and it’s designed for full format cameras. Nikon and Canon mounts will be available and the lens should start shipping in April. (For info, my 14-24mm NIKON has a field of view of 114°-84°)

Down to the nitty-gritty – the price. There will be two versions – the « Firefly » (the cheapest, composite body etc.) and the « Blackstone » (more expensive, metal body etc.) – optically they are identical. In the US they can be pre-ordered for $575 and $774 – unsure exactly what the final €uro price will be, but tests seem to indicate that the lenses are very well corrected, and any corrections not taken into account in the design can be ‘adjusted’ in Photoshop/Lightroom.

Update: The current French price at launch is 635€

Being a fan of extreme wide angle lenses, this seems an obvious ‘next step’…