Memories (are made of this)

Had a nasty case of diarrhea the other day – probably brought on by a change in my meds – and it instantly made me think of an English chap who lives here in the South West of France. Just ‘thinking’ about him was actually worse than the diarrhea in fact…

« Queer as a nine bob note » as they used to say, he tends to use his homosexuality as a masthead (excuse the pun) to differentiate himself from the rest of us – and then accuses everyone of ‘queer bashing’ etc. – par for the course really.

Anyway, this man (and I use the term carefully here) uses his retirement pension to buy all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets as his only friend can’t devote ALL her time to his rants and raves, and « one gets SO bored here »

We’ve had video cameras, lighting systems, Apple watches and even a NIKON camera! Although there are those who question how useful this camera will actually be…as one of the sad consequences of years of substance abuse and old age, is deteriorating eyesight.

This became obvious a long time ago on a popular photo site where people go to show off their images. I know it as I’m the worlds worst show-off and plaster my rubbish anywhere and everywhere for all to see!

The images presented were, how can I put this politely? Well, slightly out-of-focus. Although obviously in my position I hate resorting to ‘mitigating circumstances’ as an excuse, I have to state that for the most part, these images were taken using very long lenses which are A: not easy to prevent moving and/or B: not easy to focus.

But enough of being nice – might I suggest spending some of your cash on a decent pair of glasses? I bet you saw that coming…!

Which brings to mind another old adage – proof that masturbation really does make you blind!